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Vendor Payment Pages Updated!

If you've used the City's vendor payment site before, we're announcing we have a new look! Go to SFOpenBook and use the following buttons to get vendor payment information.
If you used to use... Now you should use...
The seach function is now integrated into the SFOpenBook Spending and Revenue report. It has a new look and feel and added functionality. Image of Old Search Button Run New Search
The Citywide Reports button offers the same five reports as the previous vendor payment website, but now with either one or five year views and with the new ability to select fiscal years. Image of Old Reports Button Run New Reports

Have questions? See the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions What happened to the old vendor payment website?
We have moved the vendor payment information to the newer SFOpenBook site. The vendor payment website was developed in 2006 and the technology it used was out of date. In 2013 the new SFOpenBook site was developed and includes budget, spending and revenue, performance measurement and economic data.

How do I search for vendor payments?
Use the SFOpenBook Spending and Revenue report. Select Vendor Payments from the Report Type filter at the top of the page.

Image of Select Vendor Payment Filter

To search for a single vendor, department, type, or fund, enter the name of the vendor, department, type or fund in the search field.

To combine two or more selections, use the tabs and drills. The following example shows how to list the vendors within one department and one type of good or service:
  • Select the Department: Use the Organization Tab to select a department. Organization is a three level hierarchy of organization group, department, and program. The old site only displayed department.
    • First choose the organization group you want (e.g. Public Protection, Culture and Recreation, etc.); then select the department you want.
    • To find what organization group a department is part of, view this list of departments.
  • Select the Type: Use the Type Tab to select a type of good or service. Type is now a three level hierarchy of character, object and sub-object. The old site only displayed object.
    • First, choose the character you want (e.g. Contractual Services, Materials and Supplies, etc.)
    • Next, select the object you want.
  • Display the List of Vendors: Finally, select the Vendor tab to display the vendors for that department and object. On the Vendor tab you can select a vendor to drill to an encumbrance document, and then select an encumbrance document to drill to a voucher document.
Because of the large number of vendors doing business with San Francisco, you will get the quickest response if you select the organization and type before displaying a list of vendors.

How do I run citywide reports?
Use the SFOpenBook Citywide Reports button to show summaries of vendor payment activity for all departments. These reports provide information that is not available in the interactive Spending and Revenue report because of the large amount of data. The same five reports provided on the old site are available (for all vendors or just non-profit vendors):
  • Vendor - Citywide Total
  • Vendor and Department
  • Vendor, Goods and Services
  • Vendor, Department, Goods and Services
  • Vendor, Goods and Services, Department
The new site adds the capability of selecting the as of fiscal year and either a one or five year view.

How do I contact a department?
Use the Contact SFGov link at the bottom of every SFOpenBook page to send your question to SFOpenBook staff. If you have a question for a specific department be sure to specify that in your message and SFOpenBook staff will direct your question to the appropriate staff.